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About Us
Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Authority to preserve and enhance existing and future water availability and quality to meet needs within the Authority’s sphere of influence.

About the Authority
The Southeast Sacramento County Agricultural Water Authority is located in the southeast portion of Sacramento County, California, and is comprised of three public agencies: Omochumne-Hartnell Water District (OHWD), Galt Irrigation District (GID), and Clay Water District (CWD). In 2002, these districts formed a Joint Powers Authority to develop, implement, and manage water resources.

The three districts encompass approximately 70,980 acres, of which approximately 25,000 acres are devoted to irrigated agriculture. Residential development within the districts consists of rural residential developments, small ranchettes, and the communities of Herald, Sheldon, Sloughhouse, and Wilton. Most of the water demands within the Authority are met from private wells; although minor amounts of purchased surface water and riparian water are diverted from seasonal rivers and creeks that flow through the Authority’s boundaries.

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