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Omochumne-Hartnell Water District
Location: Sacramento County

Physical Address: 7513 Sloughhouse Road Elk Grove, CA 95624

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 211 Wilton, CA 95693

EMAIL: info@ohwd.org

Phone: (916) 682-5958
Fax: (916) 682-5958

Meetings: Board meets third Tuesday every month at10:00 am. at 7513 Sloughhouse Road, Elk Grove, CA 95624. Please contact the District office to
verify meeting dates and times.

District Size: 30,000 Acres

Year District Formed: 1953

District Overview
Omochumne-Hartnell Water District has historically purchased and managed supplemental water from the Central Valley Project for the benefit of District agricultural users adjacent to the Cosumnes River and Deer Creek. In recent years, however, the number of riparian diverters has decreased. Four flashboard dams that historically supported diversions are now maintained and operated by the District to increase the wetted perimeter of the river to affect greater groundwater recharge. The District is committed to working with the Southeast Sacramento County Agricultural Water Authority to develop an effective management strategy that protects its member’s interests, the resources of the Cosumnes River, and meets the future water needs of the region.

Board Members
Kurt Kautz ChairmanLeland Schneider
Mark StretarsMark Wilson
Ken Mitchell 

Blodgett Dam Restoration and Fish Passage:
The Omochumne-Hartnell Water District (OHWD) operates four flashboard dams on the lower Cosumnes River. These dams operate to increase percolation to groundwater by increasing the wetted perimeter of the river channel during periods of low flow. Blodgett Dam, one of OHWDs four dams, was heavily damaged and was a barrier to fish passage after the flood of 1997. The restoration of Blodgett Dam returned the dam to a functional state and provided a boulder weir fish ladder enabling migration of salmon and other fish species that utilize the river.

Cosumnes River Flow Monitoring:
In 2003 the Omochumne-Hartnell Water District initiated a streamflow monitoring program for the lower Cosumnes River. The monitoring program collects both streamflow and temperature data at two locations on the Cosumnes River between Rancho Murieta and State Highway 99. The purpose of the program is to:
  • Collect streamflow data to develop a better understanding of flow conditions
  • Develop information to better characterize groundwater recharge conditions
  • Collect temperature data needed to comply with National Marine Fisheries Service’s requirements for operation of the District’s flashboard dams and
  • Implement a monitoring program that will assist the District and the Southeast Sacramento County Agricultural Water Authority in managing future conjunctive use programs for the Cosumnes River.

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